Vegan Christmas menu

Cook a festive vegan feast using our mix-and-match menu so everyone can enjoy a colourful Christmas dinner boasting meat-free mains and dairy-free desserts.

Vegan pastry Christmas wreath

For a scrumptious meat-free, dairy-free Christmas, we’ve got you covered. We have all the recipes you need to cook a vegan Christmas dinner so delicious that everyone will be abandoning the roast turkey. Kick off with festive nibbles to get everyone in the spirit of the occasion, then indulge in a mouth-watering vegan centrepiece with lots of tasty trimmings. Gone are the days of dull nut roasts.

Vegan party food

Vegan houmous with vegetables
If you’re looking for classy canapés and bite-sized vegan nibbles, look no further. Get guests dipping into this luxury hummus with crudités and warm pittas. Sprinkle over sumac and smoked paprika along with fried chickpeas for extra pizzazz. Or what about our aubergine & chickpea bites for a healthy party option. If you need more easy-to-handle finger food, treat your guests to our rainbow spring rolls which can be served with a shop-bought sweet chilli sauce.


Vegan starters

Celeriac, hazelnut & truffle oil soup with hazelnuts
Sit your guests down to a festive starter after the drinks and nibbles. Warm them up with a luxury soup like our indulgent celeriac, hazelnut & truffle creation that is healthy as well as being silky and delicious. Serve with an elegant burnt leek bruschetta and romesco sauce for the perfect balance of sweet and ever-so-slightly bitter.



Vegan mains

Stuffed pumpkin with spoon
For an extravagant, colourful Christmas Day showstopper, try baking our whole stuffed pumpkin filled with rice, fennel, apple and pecans. Just as merry and bright is our vegan pie with beetroot, sweet potato, chard and celeriac, or our Christmas wreath bursting at the seams with an abundance of pine nuts, spinach and tofu.


Festive vegan sides

Vegan cheesy leeks with spoon
Forget bland spuds and boiled sprouts, these side dishes are so good they could be the main event. How about vegan ‘cheesy’ leek crumble? Liven up classic roast potatoes with paprika and throw in thyme roasted vegetables for good measure. Bring another pop of colour in the form of our red cabbage with coriander seed while spruced up chilli-charred Brussels sprouts will add a spicy kick.


Decadent desserts

Sticky toffee pear pudding
Don’t forget the pudding! It’s Christmas after all and indulgence is a tradition that shouldn’t be broken. Bake an extra squidgy sticky toffee pudding rich with dates, spices and juicy poached pears – a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Or go more traditional with our vegan mince pies filled with cherries and hazelnuts – and wash it all down with a mug of warming vegan eggnog. For after-dinner treats to serve with coffee, make squares of vegan tiffin packed with the classic flavours of Christmas.

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