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Body Language Is Overrated

It’s common to hear self-help gurus and business experts chide that “communication is 80 percent nonverbal!” (Or 93 percent, or 55 percent…the numbers vary). Is it true that what you say matters less than how you say it? The answer is complex, but in general, the answer is no. Don’t throw out the notes for that big speech — […]

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The World’s First Photonic Neural Network Is Really, Really Fast

Virtually every device you use—from the one you’re using to read this to the pocket calculator growing dust in the back of your desk—relies on the same basic technology: circuits containing many tiny transistors that communicate with each other using electrons. We’ve come a very long way since the room-sized computers of the 1950s, but as computing gets smaller, […]

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Mini Blimps With Facial Recognition Could Be The Future of Customer Service

Drones are handy. They can move in every direction, hover in place, and navigate spaces that wheels simply can’t. They’re already being used outdoors, but they’d be just as useful in shopping malls and grocery stores. There’s just one drawback: they’re freakin’ scary. A flying plastic skeleton covered in spinning blades is not our idea […]

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What Was the First Internet Meme?

What Was the First Internet Meme? Today’s internet is a churning sea of funny images, remixes of those images, parodies of those remixes of those images, and cat videos. But before there was the Y U NO Guy or the Ermagerd girl, there was an animation that would come to change the internet forever. It was called Baby […]