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North Korea: Trump is ‘begging for nuclear war’

US President Donald Trump and his administration are “begging for nuclear war,” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday. Trump is “staging an extremely dangerous nuclear gamble on the Korean peninsula,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a written statement that also calls Trump a “nuclear demon” and a “disruptor of global peace.” The comments came […]

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Beastie Boy Ad-Rock Responds To Sexual Abuse Allegations Against His Father, Israel Horovitz

  In a freshly-published New York Times report, well-respected New York playwright Israel Horovitz is accused of multiple counts of sexual abuse by a number of women from over the course of a fifty-year career. Horovitz happens to also be the father of the Beasties Boys’ Ad-Rock, more commonly known now by his real name, Adam Horovitz. The […]


After sex revelations, GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas says he will retire from House seat

Rep. Joe Barton (Tex.), one of the longest-serving Republicans in the House, announced Thursday that he will not seek another term representing his suburban Dallas-Fort Worth district. The announcement came after news reports revealing that Barton had carried on extramarital relationships with multiple women before his 2015 divorce. A lewd photo he sent to one […]

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North Korea Says It’s Now a Nuclear State. Could That Mean It’s Ready to Talk?

  SEOUL, South Korea — After sending an intercontinental ballistic missile higher than ever before on Wednesday, North Korea said it had mastered nuclear-strike capability and become a full-fledged nuclear state. That claim was immediately met with skepticism. But by showing that its missiles can reach Washington — even if there is doubt that they can deliver […]

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Body Language Is Overrated

It’s common to hear self-help gurus and business experts chide that “communication is 80 percent nonverbal!” (Or 93 percent, or 55 percent…the numbers vary). Is it true that what you say matters less than how you say it? The answer is complex, but in general, the answer is no. Don’t throw out the notes for that big speech — […]