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Denmark’s Boundless Kitchen Elevates Refugees (And Their Food)

The act of cooking food sets humans apart from other animals, and the act of sharing food can help bring our species together. In response to Denmark’s 2016 immigration laws, which make it harder for immigrants to settle in the country, restaurateur and entrepreneur Jakob Vinkler led the creation of Det Grænseløse Køkken, or “The Boundless Kitchen.” […]

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Mini Blimps With Facial Recognition Could Be The Future of Customer Service

Drones are handy. They can move in every direction, hover in place, and navigate spaces that wheels simply can’t. They’re already being used outdoors, but they’d be just as useful in shopping malls and grocery stores. There’s just one drawback: they’re freakin’ scary. A flying plastic skeleton covered in spinning blades is not our idea […]

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Breeding A New Apple Takes Decades

Have you ever noticed how many different types of apples you can buy? It’s far more than your average red, green, and yellow varieties — there are striped ones and freckled ones and ones with names like “Jazz” and “Pink Lady” and “Honeycrisp.” You might not give a passing thought to kaleidoscopic apples with funny […]

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No, Ben Franklin Didn’t Want to Make the Turkey the National Bird

No, Ben Franklin Didn’t Want to Make the Turkey the National Bird There’s a story that starts circulating through the United States every Thanksgiving, around the time that somebody starts carving into the main event. “You know, Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, not the bald eagle!” Then everybody laughs, gorges […]