Man is shot with fireworks at point-blank range by crowd of attackers

A group of men in Maryland were caught on camera shooting illegal fireworks towards a resident at point-blank range and laughing hysterically.

The disturbing footage was taken this week in Baltimore, just one of several cities across the US that was recently inundated with illegal fireworks going off at all hours of the night.

Cell phone footage of the incident shows at least nine mean standing in a roadway with a number of illegal fireworks in their possession.

Suddenly, the group turns their attention to a shirtless man who jumps out of a nearby car as they begin aiming explosive fireworks at him.

The men can be seen holding fireworks in their hands while chasing after the targeted man, who attempts to flee the flying pyrotechnics.

Any acknowledgement of danger is shrugged off as the men, on several instances, aim the fireworks at the victim at point-blank range.

The targeted man escapes off the roadway and onto a nearby sidewalk, but the group of firework users follow him.

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