Racist driver yells ‘black lives don’t matter’ says ‘blacks should be slaves’ and calls driver the N-word

Video circulating on social media shows the moment a car passenger calls an occupant of a nearby car the N-word and screams ‘black lives don’t matter’ in a racially-provoked attack.

In footage taken by the victim Jakeila Phillips, the assailant – who is white – is seen as the passenger in an orange car on Saturday.

The man later identifies himself as Barry Wardell and claims he works as a chef. Wardell is from New Hartford in Utica, New York.

Confused at Wardell’s behavior, Phillips, asks: ‘What did you say?’ to which the racist attacker replies: ‘I hate n****rs.’

Wardell also tells Phillips: ‘I hang n****rs on weekends.’

The horrifying attack takes place in broad daylight.

In the clip – which has been uploaded to Twitter and has since gained over 254,000 views, Wardell then shouts that he wants to be exposed on social media for his hate speech.

‘Put me on Facebook, black lives don’t matter! N****r!’ he spews.

Wardell continues: ‘Blacks should be slaves. Give me back my grandparents’ property divided by your f**king ancestors.’

He ended his racist rant telling Phillips ‘no disrespect to you’, as she drives away from the scene.

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